WARNING: Failure to follow all Safety Rules and Precautions can result in serious injury.

Read the instruction carefully until you completely understand and can follow all warnings and safety rules before operating the unit.

Restrict GMB unit to users who understand and will follow all warning and safety rules in this Safety Precaution page.

1) Inspect the area before staring the unit. Remove all debris and hard objects such as rocks, glass, wire, etc that can ricochet, be thrown, or otherwise cause injury or damage during operation.

2) Inspect GMB unit before each use for worn, loose or missing, or damage parts. Do not use until GMB unit is in proper repairing and working order.

3) Always wear eye, head, ear and head protection gears when operating, servicing or performing maintenance on GMB unit. Wearing eye, head protection will help to prevent rocks or debris from being blown or ricocheting into eye, face and head which can result in blindness and/or serious head injury.

4) Always wear foot protection. Do not go barefoot or wear sandals.

5) Always wear respirator or face mask when working with unit in dusty environments.

6) Secure hair above shoulder length. Secure or remove, jewellery, loose clothing or clothing with loosely hanging straps, ties, tassels, etc. They can be caught in moving parts.

7) Do not operate the GMB unit when you are tired, ill, upset, or if you are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication.

8) Keep children, bystanders and animals away from working area a minimum of 30 feet ( 10 metres) when starting or operating the GMB unit. Do not point the nozzles in the direction of people to pets.

9) The operator of the GMB unit must ensure that no one comes within a 10 metres radius while working. When several operators are working within the same area, a safety distance of at least 10 metres must be observed

10) Do not overreach or use from unstable surfaces such as ladders, trees, steep slopes, rooftops, etc. Keep firm footing and balance at all times.

11) Never place objects inside the blower tubes; always direct the blowing debris away from people, animals, glass and solid objects such as trees, automobiles, walls, etc. The force of air can cause rocks, dusts or sticks to be thrown to ricochet which can hurt people or animal, break glass or cause other damages.

12) Never run the unit without the proper equipment attached. When using your GMB unit as a blower, always install blower tube.

13) Read and understand instructions of electric and petrol blower. Safety rules and warnings associated with electric and petrol blower companies.

Warning: Always wear protection gears before operating the GMB  unit.

    a) The blower can throw objects violently

    b) You can be blinded or injured.

    c) Your rusty gutter may be damaged by the air's stream from GMB unit.


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