Innovation1: Twine Watering Happy Spike-Watering your plants while away on holiday/vacation


Plants are a powerhouse of wellness for your home, office and garden. They would make your place look great and they provide you with a lot of great decor and health benefits too.

I have been interesting all in and outdoor plants, most of my plants were death because improper watering: too much water and they drown, too little and they wither. Watering daily, it would be challenge for busy day or weekend away or vacation holiday.

My creation have been watering plants properly and consistently water at same rate until last drop about 4 weeks. Ensuring soil isn't dried out, and sustain damp for plant survival. You can never over water and the soil keeps moist while you're away. It just that easy to self-capillary-twine water drop by drop by re-used drink bottles to reduce plactic waste and sustainable environment.

30days Twine Water Drop Spike-Ekỳta


The  friendly environment capillary subsurface plant watering system

Attaches "Ekỳta" with a re-used-water bottle or with liquid fertilizer then push spike into your pots 1cm sub-surface then it drips water slowly via the special twine to feed your plants. After few days, how much water has been used then be rectified water rate if needs, re-setting volume-gauge keeps water bottle lasting as long as possible.



1) fill up common drink bottles (DO NOT drill any hole)   

2) adjust twine/level gauges   

3) Insert spike up to bottle   

4) Spike system to ground 1cm subsurface   

5) adjust neck shallow/deep for more/less water

a) Anti-fall on ground: spike base 1cm below ground, clear happy face air-holes

b) Neck adjusts control volume water: keep base still, lift neck away from base few millimetres, clear way for more air into bottle, if need more water


3 ways sustain watering volume



 Capillary action by elevation


 Dripping by gravity


 Deep/shallow inserts for less water or more water

Attaches Re-Used Drink Bottles

Refills free-bottles


or with decor bottles




Attaches 50mL Bonsai Bottles

The most common problem of plants is improper watering: too much water and they drown; too little and they wither. You can never over water and the plants won't dry up while you're away. Refill the drink bottle again and enjoy your plants with virtually maintenance free, for up to 4 weeks or more per fill.


Spike-base 1cm  under soil subsurface & keep clear smile-air-holes

Amount water sets by volume-gauge or grip-gauge

Invention2: Hook&Roll Gutter Cleaning Kit

Hook&Roll allows standing on ground to clean gutter for single & double storey house, hooks 2 nozzles on overhead gutter to blow out all dust, leaves and residues by push action along on 2 rollers on gutter edge.

  No Ladder  


Safe on ground

Versions: 1&2 (2 or 3 metres)

 Hookup & Rolls  


 Reach gutter by wand



Versions: 3&4 (4 or 5 metres)

 Quick & Easy


 Weightless operation.


guard & 7 blinds


Top guard and 7 blinds to block dust, residues, leaves to guide directly out of gutter.



step1: Inserts adaptor, wands to your power blower firmly then secure wand by 2 locked screws 


step2: Hook-up and hang GMB system rest on gutter edge


step3: Lift up power blower 30 degrees to vertical then turn on power then push GMB header along gutter


step3: Push forward against gutter to control GMB head away from gutter

Power Attachment: Homelite Ryobi, Stihl or DIY

Stihl models: BG/BE/BGE & SH 55/56/60/61/65/66/72/75//81/85/86

Homelite Ryobi models: HBL-26YBN or UT08520

Question 16:

 How do I attach GMB to my universal blower to GMB?


 Insert adaptor deeply into blower and secure wand by the duct tape or a stainless steel hose clamp.

 (Do not MODIFY if you are not fully confidence and entire safety concerns)  



How it works?







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