Innovation1: 30days Twine Water Drop-Bonsai/Plants Watering Spike Ekỳta


Spike-base 1cm  under soil subsurface & keep clear smile-air-holes

Amount water sets by volume-gauge or grip-gauge


Innovation2 : Hook&Roll Gutter Cleaning Kit

GMB-S3M PHOTOS Instructions
GMB cleaning kit/parts Inserts adaptor then secure wand by 2 locked screws 
3 Adaptors diameter: 80mm-65mm, 70mm-65mm, 65mm-65mm Connect 2 wands tight then secures by 2 locked screws
Angles between 30-45 degrees

Installs 7 blinds on cover

Secures by 2 locked screws Wand & f shape tight then secures by 2 locked screws

Secures by 4 locked screws Hookup & Roll on 2 rollers.

Warning: Read Safety Rules, updated Instructions , secure tightly all parts  before  a gutter cleaning operation. Failure to follow all Safety Rules and Precautions can result in serious injury.